Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Equinox-balance

I have such a strong desire to blog after attending a women's circle. Perhaps its my attempt to preserve the calm, grounded feeling I often experience afterward that is so polar to my regular state.
I felt honored, once again, to firstly, be invited and secondly, be in company of like-minded women sharing this evening of our spiritual journey.
Spirituality has always meant the same to me as religion because that is how I was raised. sometimes I find the best way to explain where you are is to explain where you've been. My mother is a non-practising Anglican who sent me to an Anglican girls chuch group (GFS), as a girl. Then sent me to a Lutheran High School where my non-conformist behaviour wasn't tolerated and I was asked to leave halfway through year 11. The daily half hour 'devotion' and twice weekly (? from memory) religion class was not conductive in affirming my faith. It was, in fact, enabling the opposite. It did not make sense to me that there was a HUGE patriarcial dominance within this faith. Why couldn't anyone answer any of my logial queries about the teachings, but instead preach me to have faith and then punish my 'distruptive' behaviour. It did not make sense to me that we celebrated so called christian holidays on seemingly that wrong part of the year. Living in the southern hemisphere shouldn't we have been celebrating christmas in July and Spring in September? I felt spritually void. I felt 'norty' for not conforming.
It is only recently, through my widening community of amazing women that I am learning and finally connecting with what feels like the truth, for me, about my spirituality. It is now all making sense. Yes, easter should be celebrated in spring! With the new life that it brings. So, why dont' we? I'm sure some do and it's just that I don't yet know about it. I'm fantasising about spring festivals where all our children have easter hunts, pick beautiful flowers to make crowns for each other and dance and sing amongst all the lush green life. So, it is now that we welcome Ostera, the goddess of spring, fertility and rebirth.
Please feel free to recommend books/sites for me on my journey. :)

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