Wednesday, November 17, 2010


You know that feeling you get when you realise that you've been presented with a message a number of times and you wonder why it takes you so long to 'get a clue'? I've had the same message presented to me at tonight's circle that I've had presented to me a number of times now. If it wasn't blantantly obvious enough right there that story that was told tonight (from Women Who Run..) has been told to me recently by different woman. Duh, right! OK, so now I have my picture of Babu up on my office wall. She reminds me to see the joy, to laugh and play and to be joyful. I need more joy so that I can teach my daughters the importance of it so they will have joyful lives. I want more joy. Joy can be can simple as saying a silly word that your child laughs about in a fit of contageous hysterics. It isn't hard work, something that 'needs to be done', like the washing. It brings ease and togetherness. It enables connection and that is what I am craving with a certain someone in my life. I need to learn when to surrender, to let go and to choose peace.
I remembered a way of living from my childhood tonight that I had not thought about for some years.......hence I will not be buying a dressing gown (to replace the one I ruined). This will remind me about the layers that we place over ourselves that conceal the real us, our true self and then perhaps through that liberation a new childhood way of living will be set in place for my children and their love for their true selves.
So grateful for the wonderful women in the circle tonight and for my partner who picks up where I let off so I could go home.

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