Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthing Journeys

Wow! What an experience! This morning I facilitated my first Birthing Journeys group. 3 women with 3 different birth experiences but all with one thing in common: a desire to heal from the trauma they experienced as a result of their births. I am thankful for the trust they have in me to reveal themselves in this very raw emotional way. I hope they all gained something from our time spent together. My soul is dancing from the joy I feel as a result of reaching out, listening, connecting with and empathising with these women. Not long ago I heard a women say, "Empathy, good old empathy." It dawned on me that it was that simple. Empathy is what makes the world go round. It is so powerful. It brings us closer to each other by connecting us by our hearts.
Birth is truely a sacred journey. A journey to look forward to, to celebrate to grow from. Unfortunately very few women see birth this way. They see it through eyes of fear, something to endure for the end result. I long for every woman to know the true, real joy of birth. Not to buy into the idea that it needs to be mangaged and clinical. This is a woman's and her baby's journey to physically meet each other, not a science experiment! They need to be surrounded by love, support and encouragement.
Feeling totally in love with all the women who have encouraged me to take this journey. You know who you are. You rock!