Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Spiritual Journey is Energising!

I'm surprised at how energised I feel each time I walk further along my spiritual path. I attended a red tent on Monday night during the dark moon and whilst my cycle is completely back-to-front with the moon cycle I felt I needed to return home and was welcomed with open arms by a sister who helped me on my path to connect with the moon, the elements and the great mother. In the 2 hours I spent there I meditated, visualised, recieved love, acceptance and teachings and most importantly opened my heart. I am too aware that I live primarily in my head. As an airy gemini I often find myself caught there with some difficulty to ground myself when needed. My heart was calling lound and clear Monday night. Sending me the message to focus on my heart's desires and set true and strong intentions. I did set intentions. 10 (OMG!). I have carried with me a belief system that once I have spoken of an intention it never actualises, so I was counseled to realease this and I have already begun living my intention list.

So, as I first mentioned, I bounded home from my first red tent experience with all the enthusiasm of a child going to a birthday party. Filled with renewed hopes of self-discovery and enlightenment. The energy flowed on today as I spent hours on the phone coordinating Homebirth Qld's participation at the Women's Expo this Saturday. I still feel energised now after only 7 hours sleep last night (I'm a minumum 8 hours girl), a full day of 4 children in my house and I'm still going! I'm loving this energy! I am reading the book 'The Red Tent' and I have looked for the moon for the last 2 nights I did not see her, but I looked. So I'm off to see if I can find her tonight.

If you are reading this, live on the Gold Coast and would like to learn more about the red tent/women's circle contact me.

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  1. My girlfriend gave me, my two sisters and my Mum all a copy of The Red Tent. I love this booked and have given copies to my girlfriends. So glad that you are having a wonderful day - did you see the moon tonight? She was beautiful. See you on Saturday at the Expo. D x